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About Us...

​​DayBreak Village Senior Living Community began as a dream about twenty years ago. Our family was struggling to care for our 87 year old Grandmother who was experiencing early dementia, which was later diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease.  No longer able to live alone, we began to search for a "family-like" community where she could make a new home.  To our surprise, we found that most assisted living communities were large, run by corporations and were nothing like home at all.

    Thinking of the possible development of a "more home-like" community, we began to research assisted living facilities from coast to coast.   Literally from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.  It was our goal to discover the best practices and how different owners had made their communities more like home, while still meeting the physical, social and medical needs of the seniors they served.  We came away with many good ideas.

But, the best idea we found was our own!  It was to have our family care for your family. Not a big corporation that really doesn't know much about you personally or your neighborhood.  We thought about the things that we liked about our own homes, our own personal "comfort" zones; we also spoke with many seniors and asked about the things that were most important to them.  It was then that our plan began to develop.

   From this, DayBreak Village Senior Living was born.  Our family purchased the already on-going facility in 2005.  Since then, we have totally remodeled the existing home and have turned it into a vibrant senior community!  More importantly, we love what we do.  We consider it an honor to care for the seniors in our community.  We enjoy sharing their lives and becoming part of their family!

    Since DayBreak Village had been full with a waiting list for over two years, we decided that we needed a few more apartments.  In 2009 we added 22 new apartments and suites and completely renovated and updated our home.  Even since the addition, we have been full and have a waiting list!  So, late last year we finished another addition of 15 suites! We believe this is evidence that our residents love it here as much as we love having them here.   We would love to have you come by and visit our home any time, even if you don't need us right away.  We love meeting our neighbors and, if you visit, then you can tell your friends about us.  We'd love to give you more information about our home or services.  Check out our Contact Us page and give us a call!



Owners Ben and Stephanie Harbour with their little one Ali Que Harbour.

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